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How do soul memories create physical and emotional problems in the present lifetime? How are soul memories triggered? and why? How are soul ties and memories carried from one life into the next? Just as we have genetic DNA that is carried down through generations, there is something analogous on the energy plane, which I refer to as "Spiritual DNA".

Spiritual DNA resides in the spiritual body, the primary energy body that forms the template for the other energy bodies that make up the aura and, eventually, the physical body. The physical body is formed by both Genetic DNA and Spiritual DNA.

The Aura, the Third Eye and All 7 Chakras

When trauma happens in the spiritual body, emotional and physical pain can accrue. Emotional trauma from past lives can be carried into your present life and effect not just you, but the people you love. It can affect your marriage, your career and your relationships.

Soul Memories Health, Karma and You

Have you ever felt that you have been unlucky with love, money, career, relationships, cannot figure out why? You are carrying soul ties from past lives that can be spiritually interfering with your present life. Spiritual healing through the technique of spiritual DNA cleansing, you can release Negative Spiritual Soul Ties that are connected to you and loved ones from past lives.
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