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Aura is your psychic energy body - it's the energy produced by your life force, and it emanates all around you. A lot about your mental, emotional and physical state is reflected in your aura. This can be perceived in the predominant color of your aura... but please keep in mind, the aura is constantly changing in color, shape and size. Also, the strength and integrity of your aura will have a strong effect on your overall well-being.
Soul mate energy healing

Spiritual Chakra Healing Services

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "spinning wheel of energy". These energy centers within our bodies receive and transmit energy, and each is situated at a major endocrine gland, and nerve bundle within the physical body, called a plexus. Each chakra is connected and associated with a different part of the body. 

There are seven chakras. Each chakra has a color, and different gemstones and crystals can be associated with these. Understanding and using your chakras can promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and can lend energy to your work's manifestation.

Our Aura and Chakra Healing Services

  • Soul mate energy healing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Healing grid
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